Needs action panel


The Needs action panel shows details of appointments which require follow-up action, including:

  • Unconfirmed appointments occurring within 2 business day or fewer (configurable)
  • Appointments for which the patient has, via an automated reminder, requested rescheduling
  • Cancelled or No show appointments requiring rescheduling
  • Incoming online bookings

Viewing the Needs action panel

  1. Click on a notification badge next to the Scheduling button on the main toolbar to view the Needs action panel.

    The number on the red badge is the number of appointments requiring confirmation or rescheduling. The number on the blue badge is the number of incoming bookings made online that require requester verification.

  2. For each badge, a slide-out panel will display details of the appointments requiring action. They are color-coded by status. Click on the status filter buttons to show or hide appointments by status.

  3. Close the panel by clicking on the notification badge again.

Rescheduling from the Needs action panel

  1. In the Needs action panel, right-click on a cancelled or no-show appointment, and select Reschedule
  2. In the Create event dialog box, adjust the date, time, and duration as needed. Click UPDATE EVENT.

    All of the details from the original appointment are copied automatically. The original appointment remains as is (i.e. Cancelled or No show), but is removed from the Needs action panel once the new appointment is saved.

Removing notifications from the Needs action panel

If rescheduling is no longer required for a specific appointment, the following steps can be following to remove it from the Needs action panel.

  1. After opening the Needs action panel, right-click on the notification that no longer requires rescheduling.
  2. Highlight the Rescheduling option from the menu and select Not required.

Managing other Needs action panel options

 Many of the right-click functions available on the main Scheduling screen are also available from the Needs action panel, including:

  • Rescheduling appointments
  • Editing appointment details
  • Deleting appointments
  • Viewing event history
  • Viewing patient details
  • Sending online forms
  • Viewing online forms

Pinned events

If an event is pinned for rescheduling, it will appear above the general Needs action panel while it is pinned. Only one event can be pinned per user at a time. Having an event pinned only affects your login session, and not anyone else's; the event still exists in the schedule with all its properties while it's pinned.