Overview of the patient browser

When logging into Blueprint OMS, the tab called Patient browser located at the top of the screen displays a list of active patients by name at a specific clinic location.

Opening a patient's file

  • Open a patient's file by doing one of the following: 
    1. Double click the patient's name 
    2. Click the  icon located at the bottom of the Patient browser.

Viewing patients at other locations 

  1. To select a location or to view all, click the location drop-down menu, indicated by the  icon.

The Location drop-down contains only those clinics accessible to particular users. Users can be set up to view <All> locations. See: User administration.

Viewing inactive or deceased patients

   1. To see all patients, including inactive or deceased patients, select the Show inactive button located below the location drop-down menu.

Inactive or deceased patients will appear low-lit in gray in the Patient browser. See: Marking patients inactive or deceased .

Viewing QuickAdds

  1. Click the Show QuickAdds button to view your QuickAdd patients along with your full patients. QuickAdds are indicated by the  icon.

     2. Click the QuickAdds only button to view just your QuickAdd patients.

Viewing patients with upcoming appointments

     1. The  icon to the left of a patient name in the Patient browser indicates the patient has a future appointment on the schedule. See: Searching for appointments.

Viewing patients flagged as Cash sales only

    1. Patients flagged in red with a warning icon to the left of their name in the Patient browser have been flagged as Cash sales only patients. See: Flagging patients as "Cash sales only".