Mobile Integration


Blueprint OMS provides mobile integration capability. Blueprint schedules can be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet in read-only mode. 

Supported devices include:

Schedules can also be viewed in other scheduling software programs including:

Obtaining Unique iCal URL

The iCal URL is only accessible by a user with the Owner role in Blueprint OMS

  1. Click Setup on the main toolbar.

  2. Double-click User administration, or click the magnifying glass icon to the left of User administration to expand the menu. 

  3. Click Users

  4. Highlight the desired name in the Users list > Right-click and select Edit details, or click on a name in the Users list, click EDIT at the bottom of the screen and select Edit details

  5. Click the iCal URL button to copy the address.

6. Press Ctrl + V on the keyboard to paste it into an email and send it to yourself or the user wishing to upload the calendar to their phone. 

The Copy iCal URL button will only be available for users who have a calendar on the scheduling tab in Blueprint OMS