Block scheduling

Optionally, block-out specific times in the day to allow for certain types of appointments.

Creating repeating blocks

  1. In the Scheduling tab, select a location from the drop-down menu in the top, right-hand corner.
  2. Right-click in a desired time slot on the schedule.
  3. Select a starting 15-minute interval (e.g. 8:00, 8:15, 8:30, 8:45).
  4. With the None option selected in the Select patient dialog, click Ok.
  5. In the Create Event dialog box, enter appointment details.

  6. Check the Repeat box to setup a repeat pattern.

  7. Click CREATE EVENT. Blocked-in time appears on the Schedule. 

Linking appointments to a patient

  1. Right-click the desired appointment and select Link to patient.
  2. In the Select patient dialog box, select the desired patient, and click Ok.

    To quickly locate an existing patient in the list, type the patient's last name into the search bar.
  3. Click UPDATE EVENT.
  4. The Confirm operation dialog box will appear. Click YES to confirm the operation.
    The specific appointment is no longer a part of the repeating series.
    The patient’s file is linked to the appointment. The Description field of the event is overridden with the patient’s name.