Installing Blueprint OMS with the native Windows installer


The operating system installed on your computer must be Windows.  Additionally, see Minimum Requirements to use Blueprint OMS.

If using the native Windows installer, It is not necessary to install Java.


You can download the native Windows installer here.

A ZIP (compressed) file will be downloaded, and you will need to unzip the file by right-clicking on it and choosing Extract All...

After the file has been extracted you will see an EXE file – this is the actual installer. Double-click on this file to install Blueprint OMS.


You will first be asked to install Blueprint OMS only for you all for all users.

Choosing "Install for me only" will default the installation to C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Blueprint OMS

Choosing "Install for all users" will default the installation to C:\Program Files (x86)\Blueprint OMS and requires administrative privileges.

You will then see two parameters: Launch link and Desktop icon name.

The Launch link is required and is the clinic-specific URL provided to you via email.  This will allow Blueprint OMS to connect to your unique system.

If you do not have a copy of your clinic's Launch Link, please send a request to

The Desktop icon name is optional and is only used to give your Blueprint OMS desktop icon a name and can be whatever you'd like.

You can optionally change the installation folder for Blueprint OMS.

After the installation has completed Blueprint OMS will automatically run and can be accessed via the desktop icon in future.

Performing a Silent Installation

To perform a silent installation, run the following command in the Windows command prompt, making sure to substitute the <clinic launch link> and <installation directory> values:

& '.\Blueprint-OMS.exe' /verysilent /codebase=<clinic launch link> /name=<shortcut name> /dir=<installation directory> /allusers

The /allusers switch performs an administrative install, installing the application shortcuts in a public directory for all users.

The /name switch is optional and will append the inputted text to the name of the Desktop icon.


If you are receiving the error "Unable to invoke main method" when running Blueprint OMS, try re-installing the native application by following the directions listed above and ensure that your clinic Launch Link is correctly pasted into the launch link field without extra spaces.


Windows Defender may try to prevent Blueprint OMS from being installed.


There are two ways to get around this.

  1.   Click on More info and choose Run anyway


2.  Right-click on the installation file and choose Properties.  Then check the box at the bottom labeled Unblock.


Error loading jvm.dll pops up after running the installer.


Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86), which can be found here.