Installing Blueprint OMS

Overview of installing Blueprint OMS

There are two mechanisms for installing Blueprint OMS: a native Windows installer (available as of version 2.8) and Java Web Start.  The following sections provide detailed installation instructions for each mechanism.

Native Windows installer (v2.8+)

The native Windows installer is an executable (.EXE) file that can be run to install Blueprint OMS on your computer.  Below are its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Improved performance
  • Does not require Java to be installed
  • Blueprint OMS desktop icon does not disappear due to Java updates
  • Updates automatically when new versions of Blueprint OMS are released
  • Can only be installed on Windows operating systems

Java Web Start

Java Web Start allows you to download and run Java applications from the web.  It requires that Java be installed on your computer first.  More details can be found here.  Blueprint OMS can be installed via Java Web Start by running the provided launch link (.JNLP) file in a web browser.  Below are its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Can be installed on all operating systems
  • Requires Java to be installed
  • Java updates can remove the Blueprint OMS desktop icon
  • Java updates can require Blueprint OMS to be reinstalled
  • New versions of Blueprint OMS sometimes do not automatically update and require Blueprint OMS to be reinstalled

Restricting database access to specific IP addresses

Access to Blueprint OMS can be restricted to specific, designated IP addresses only. As an example, you can allow access to your Blueprint OMS from only IP addresses originating from within your office. All other attempts to connect to your Blueprint OMS, outside of the specific IP addresses your designate, will be rejected. 

Requests for access restrictions to your Blueprint OMS database can be made by the Owner by emailing the allowed IP addresses to