Marketing Automation with drip marketing


This feature will help you save time and drive revenue by sending the right message to the right patients at the right time- automatically, every day. 

For the marketing automation, you can choose to integrate with the Oticon MAP platform if you are an existing Oticon marketing automation platform user, or you can select the Blueprint OMS marketing automation.
Once the setup has been completed, you will be able to activate any of nine different automated marketing campaigns.
  1. Post-fitting message (multiple)
  2. Birthday message
  3. Cancel and no show message
  4. Invitation to book a clean-and-check appointment
  5. Hearing aid X years old (multiple)
  6. New patient welcome message
  7. Annual hearing test reminder
  8. Tested, not sold (multiple)
  9. Message for patients with appointments in two days
  10. Warranty expiration reminder
  11. Service plan expiration reminder

When activated, these campaigns will send emails out to patients automatically every morning based on where the patient is on their journey to better hearing. If you are using the Oticon MAP platform, the marketing emails will use the templates on your Oticon MAP platform. Otherwise, your emails will use the standard Blueprint OMS messaging which can be customized to your clinic's preference. Patients without an email address on file who meet the criteria for a marketing campaign will be added to the Marketing Automation (print) listing. This allows you to generate batches personalized marketing letters for those patients, which you can print off and physically mail.
Records of sent automated marketing messages can be found at the following places:
  • Marketing > Automated campaigns (email): for sent automated email campaigns
  • Marketing > Manual sent campaigns: for sent print campaigns
  • The contacted patients' Marketing tabs