Setting up marketing automation

Enabling marketing automation for the first time

  1. Click Setup on the main toolbar.

  2. Click Marketing automation

  3. Click ENABLE MARKETING INTEGRATION to launch the Marketing automation setup wizard

Marketing Automation Setup Wizard

All of the configuration choices made in the setup wizard can be changed later from the Marketing automation setup screen by clicking Edit settings

Step 1:  Select which platform type you want to use

  • Blueprint Marketing Automation: You will then be asked to provide an unsubscribe success page. If a patient clicks the unsubscribe link in a marketing email, it will direct them to this URL. If you do not have your own unsubscribe success page, then leave this field blank to use the Blueprint default.


Step 2: How should emails be sent to recipients?

  • Blueprint OMS will send emails automatically (every morning)
  • I will send emails manually within Blueprint OMS. This option will create a list under the marketing automated campaigns (email) tab so you can check the list and then click send email. (See: campaigns for more information)

Step 3: Set up your unsubscribed website address

If the patient clicks the unsubscribe link in a marketing email, what full website address (with http:// or https://) would you like the unsubscriber redirected to? If left blank, a default unsubscribe success page is used.

Step 4: Set the sending email address 

 This is the email address used to send the marketing automation emails.


Location-specific sending addresses

To set location-specific sending addresses for your practice, submit a support ticket.

Ensuring reliable email delivery

To ensure reliable marketing email delivery from Blueprint OMS, follow the advice here.