Signature pads

Signature pads allow for electronic signing on eSignature-enabled forms, where you would otherwise need to print, sign, and re-upload those forms. 

For an alternative to signature pads, see: Setting up and using tablets.

Blueprint OMS is compatible with the Topaz T-L460 SigLite 1×5 pad. 

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Installing a signature pad

Windows-native Blueprint OMS

  • If you have the Windows-native version of Blueprint OMS installed, simply plug the signature pad into the computer via USB. No additional software downloading is required.

Java Web Start Blueprint OMS

  1. Plug signature pad into the computer
  2. Click the following link: 
  3. Scroll down and click on the Download button
  4. Follow steps to download software

Choose 32-bit when installing the software

If you have purchased a Bluetooth signature pad, contact support at for configuration with Blueprint OMS.