Basic Rules for Quickbooks/Blueprint OMS Integration


Please note: Blueprint Solutions is not a reseller of QuickBooks, nor does Blueprint Solutions provide support for QuickBooks. Blueprint Solutions will provide support for our integration with QuickBooks. Intuit support can be found here.

To ensure integrity between QuickBooks and Blueprint OMS, the following rules should be followed:

  • QuickBooks must run in multiuser mode. (desktop version only)

  • All A/R transactions should be entered in Blueprint OMS. Changes made in QuickBooks will not synchronize back into Blueprint OMS.

  • Do not make changes to accounts or items in QuickBooks. It will break the setup.

  • Bank deposits should be entered consistently in either QuickBooks or Blueprint OMS — Not a mix.

  • Do not condense data in QuickBooks. (desktop version only)

Failing to follow these rules may cause skipped messages or inconsistencies between QuickBooks and Blueprint OMS. Any inconsistencies caused by your staff are the sole responsibility of your practice.