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Streamline payment processing via text and email! Patients can make payments online! 

With the online patient payment feature, you can easily email or text a link to allow patients to pay invoices online at anytime. Patients can view or download invoices and payment receipts using the payment link issued. What's more – incoming payments will be automatically applied against corresponding invoices directly in Blueprint OMS, eliminating any double-entry! 

If you are already using integrated payment processing through Blueprint OMS, you can enable the online payment feature directly in your Setup menu following the steps below. Otherwise, contact Merchant Preferred to get started with integrated payment processing today! Click here for more information.

Enabling online patient payments for the first time


Users with the Maintain payment methods and online payment user privilege can access the Online payment panel within the Setup menu.

Navigate to the Setup menu > Payment methods > Online payment. Then, click the Enable online payment button to launch the online payment setup wizard.

Running the online payment setup wizard

Step 1: Enter a sending email address. The patient, or the patient's primary alternate contact, can receive an email containing a link to make their payment. That email will be sent from the address entered in this step. 

Step 2: Enter online payment notification email addresses. The email addresses entered here will receive a notification when a new online payment is made. If entering multiple addresses, use a comma to separate them.

Step 3: Enter a new online payment method name. If an online payment is received, and your Blueprint OMS does not have a matching payment method available, then the online payment name entered here will be used.




You will need to manually create this payment method (with exactly the same name) in your QuickBooks company file, in order for your QuickBooks integration to continue working if enabled. 

Changing online patient payment settings

In the Online payment panel within the Setup menu, make adjustments to your online patient payment settings by clicking into any of the fields below. Be sure to click 

 to save changes. 

Terms of service URL

If populated, the URL will be used as the link for the "Terms of Service" text seen by the patient. Otherwise, a default terms of service will be used.

The Terms of Service are shown to the patient by clicking the hyperlink here:

Privacy statement URL

If populated, the URL will be used as the link for the "Privacy Statement" text seen by the patient. 

If a URL is added here, a hyperlink will appear on the payment link for the patient to click here:

Online payment page text

If populated, the text will show directly above the "Card number" field on the online payment page.

Online receipt page text

If populated, the text will show directly above the "Payment method" field on the Online payment receipt page.

Sending email/SMS templates

The email subject and body used when sending a new online payment request can be adjusted as desired. Select the template you'd like to change, and click 

 to make any necessary adjustments. 

Email templates

SMS templates

Editing templates


 to save changes. 

Requesting online patient payments

To request an online patient payment from a patient, select either option below: 

Click the Request online payment button while viewing a patient's invoice. 

Or, right-click on a Sale in the patient's Sales history screen > Request online payment

Use the Request online payment dialog box to select the desired destination for sending the payment link. Click into the Destination fields to edit/add email addresses and mobile phone numbers if not already saved in the patient's file. Update the patient's Details screen accordingly, if you'd like the entered email addresses and mobile phone numbers to be saved for future use. 



You will receive an online payment request sent confirmation message. Click 


A note is also made in the patient's Journal indicating a request for online payment was sent. 

What patients see

Pay via Email

Patient, or recipient, will click Review and pay on the email received in their inbox. The email will be branded with your logo and clinic information. 

Clicking Review and pay will allow the recipient to enter credit or debit card details, view, download, or print their invoice. 

Clicking View invoice (or the download/print icons) will prompt the recipient to authentic themselves by entering the patient's date of birth.  

The patient will receive a payment confirmation on the screen: 

As well as a payment confirmation via email:

Clicking View Updated Invoice in the payment confirmation email will bring the patient back to a balance due/paid screen.

Pay via SMS

Patient is sent a unique URL via SMS. 

Upon clicking the link, the patient is taken to a screen to view their invoice, and/or make payment. 

Once card information is entered, the patient can click to pay

Patient will receive an immediate payment receipt: 

As well as an SMS confirmation of the payment:

If the View the updated invoice link is selected on the payment receipt screen, the recipient is prompted to verify their identity through entering the date of birth of the patient. 

Once the patient's DOB is submitted, the invoice is displayed on the screen. 

If the patient were to reply to the SMS (or call the sending phone number), they will receive an auto-reply indicating they should call the office with any questions. The office phone number is included below the clinic name. 

Viewing incoming online patient payments

The payment will automatically appear in the patient's Sales history screen and be applied against the corresponding invoice. 

A payment notification email will be sent to your clinic at the desired email addresses specified in the initial setup. 

The Cash Flow Summary report can also be exported to Excel and filtered on the Memo column, which indicates payment was made online. 

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