Electronic Billing (US only)

You can configure HCFA 1500 override fields to populate the desired information, specific to payer and provider, streamlining your claim generation process. You can be detailed with your information and break it down by 3p payer, location, and provider. Additionally, you can set up your clearinghouse integration and test the connection directly in the Setup menu.


Clearinghouse Integration

Set up your clearinghouse integration, verify the connection to the SFTP site, and set archive settings.

  1. To set up your integration, go to Setup > Electronic billing > Enable clearinghouse integration.

  1. Select your clearinghouse from the drop-down menu.

If you don’t see your clearinghouse listed, please submit a support request to support@blueprintsolutions.us.

  1. Enter the SFTP username and password provided by your clearinghouse.

  1. Click the Verify configuration button.


HCFA 1500 Auto Archive Settings

Upon selecting submit, the HCFA 1500 will auto-archive with the selected category and status in the patient document tab.


Default HCFA 1500 configurations

You can now prepare a variety of claim details prior to generating a HCFA to help streamline your billing process. Take control of the data you want to submit and ensure accuracy at all levels before generating a claim. To do this go to Setup > Electonic Billing > HCFA fields > Create new.


Maintaining ICD Codes and Modifiers

To add or edit an ICD code/Modifier you can go to Setup > Electonic Billing > ICD Codes and/or Modifiers. Click create new or highlight and edit details to make modifications.