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In the Manufacturers module in the Setup menu, users can edit manufacturer information. 


The Maintain manufacturers user privilege is required to change the information displayed in the Manufacturers menu, but users without that privilege can still see the information displayed in that menu.

Creating manufacturers

  1. Navigate to Setup > Manufacturers
  2. Select Create new
  3. Fill in the required fields and select Create

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Deactivating manufacturers

 If your clinic does not sell products from certain manufacturers, you have the option to deactivate those manufacturers, which just serves to remove visual clutter from certain Blueprint OMS menus. Deactivating a manufacturer will do the following:

  • Remove that manufacturer's products from the order catalog.
  • Remove the manufacturer as an option in Manufacturer drop-down menu in 
    • Setup > Pricing & Insurer coverage.
    • Setup > Templates > Forms/Correspondence > dialog box when adding a PDF as a manufacturer repair/return/order form.
    • Inventory > Order stock/Receive stock/Receive stock with bill/Add stock.
titleDeactivated manufacturers still appear in certain places:

To deactivate a manufacturer, select the manufacturer in the Setup > Manufacturers, menu, and hit the 

 button at the bottom of the screen.

To reactivate a deactivated manufacturer, unclick the Show active items only checkbox, select the desired deactivated manufacturer, and hit the 

 button at the bottom of the screen.

Editing a manufacturer's details

To edit the address, email address, fax number, or accounts payable account of a manufacturer, select that manufacturer in the Setup > Manufacturers menu, and hit the 

titleEdit details
 button at the bottom of the screen. Then, in the Edit manufacturer dialog box, edit the information as needed, and hit 

Account numbers

For a specified manufacturer, you can edit, add, and delete account numbers and accounts payable accounts, for particular clinic locations.

Editing account numbers

With a manufacturer selected, right-click the appropriate location's row in the Account numbers list, and select Edit account numbers. Aside from editing account numbers, you can also set a different accounts payable account for that location, if needed.

Adding account numbers

With a manufacturer selected, Click to add account numbers on the bottom-most row in the Account numbers list to add account numbers and set an accounts payable account for a clinic location.

Deleting account numbers

With a location selected, click the  icon beside the location whose account numbers you want to delete. Then, in the Confirm operation dialog box, hit 


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